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Sign Language Class

Beginning Sign Language


American Sign Language (ASL) is a complete, complex language that employs signs made by moving the hands combined with facial expressions and postures of the body. It is the primary language of many North Americans who are deaf and is one of several communication options used by people who are deaf or hard-of-hearing.

By the end of this “art” class, you will know how to Sign the present, past and future tenses, how to ask questions, express and read basic and emergency needs, talk about family, food and fun as well as use action Signs which tie together whole “pictures” of visual communication.


NOTE: Requiring that students at least give the ASL alphabet a shot before entering the class. I can help you with it if you want a bit of time before class starts.

When? March 22-May 3, 2018, 5:30-7:00pm (for 7 weeks)
Where? Four Rivers Cultural Center, Payette Room
Who For? Those who can spell using the ASL Alphabet
How much? Per person, $10 collected at first class.  Money will be refunded if you attend all classes.
Instructor: Kaethlyn Elliott, M.A. Linguistics
Text 541-343-8203, email
FRCC Donor Appreciation Dinner

Fun evening, as we celebrate you and the amazing things we have accomplished together in 2018

Let us treat you and a guest to a sumptuous and INSPIRING evening. We want to say “Thank You”


Blackbeard the Pirate

Four Rivers Cultural Center is pleased to announce it’s annual summer theatre camp production of BLACKBEARD THE PIRATE!

What starts as a lazy day at the beach, quickly turns into mystery and adventure when the search for Blackbeard’s treasure begins! Tales both past and present lead us on a search of untold riches. Just where has Blackbeard and his crew hidden their legendary treasure?

Among the roles to be cast are Blackbeard and his crew of bearded Pirates, Sailors of the High Seas, cranky Crabs and Crocodiles, magical Mermaids and Seaweed Creatures, Parrots and even a group of Beach Bums!


July 14 @
3:00 PM & 5:30 PM
Tickets $5

Day of the Dead Exhibit

Exhibit opening date: October 30, 2017

Exhibit closing date: November 15, 2017




Matt Millican Gallery Exhibit Opening

Matt Millican Gallery Exhibit Opening

Exhibit will be available for viewing June 1st through July 27th
6 pm- 8 pm

Refreshments will be provided FREE

Obon Festival 2018

Obon Festival 2018


-Bento Boxes


-Pies & Cakes



Fred the Service Dog’s Birthday

Come Meet Fred and Help Him Celebrate his birthday

Join us for ‘Fred’s Birthday Party’ at Four Rivers Cultural Center on May 10 at 6:00 PM.  

There will be birthday cake.

Come celebrate Fred’s 10th birthday.  Fred is a beautiful golden Labrador retriever who is a service dog.  Learn how service dogs are specially bred.  Learn about the life cycle of a service dog.  You can meet Fred, play games with him, watch him play tricks and even play hide ‘n’ seek with him.  His mom Janet will tell you about a service dog’s life cycle and how they are specially bred; raised by volunteers, recalled to a training campus, painstakingly matched for need, size, and personality, special talents with a human partner, life in service and retirement.  There are service dogs to accomplish any task – working dogs, drug/gun dogs, seeing eye dogs, search and rescue dogs, illness dogs, guard dogs.  People ALWAYS ask if dogs ever have play time and what happens to the dog if the human dies. There are hundreds of questions and Fred’s mom Janet will answer them all.

There will be great games for the kids to play with Fred, including a ring toss, word games such as letter scramble using words/phrases about dogs.  Fred knows the word for many objects.  He even knows sign language.  Kids will receive a card as they enter and will receive a point for each game station they visit.  Fill in the card and be entered into a drawing for great prizes.  Janet will also read some of her children’s books about Fred’s life adventures.  Along with playtime activities, Janet will demonstrate the kinds of things service dogs do for humans.

A fun family event for humans only, but the ‘pets are not welcome’.  Service dogs like Fred are family, but they are not pets.   Your time will start with a meet and greet and end with a pet and hug session.

Now that you know Fred, meet Janet.  Janet Morrison has been writing mostly poetry, essays, professional columns, and short stories since her teen years in Michigan. The Fred, the Dog series is her first attempt at writing for children.  Janet, Fred, and two cats live in a small town in Southwestern Idaho, which serves as “base camp” for Fred’s many adventures.  Bred from a decade’s long lineage of Labrador retriever service dogs, Fred, the dog, was originally raised and trained to partner with a blind person. For reasons too complex to explain here, Fred received a career change, which ultimately matched him with Jan. Jan has helped him apply his intelligence and spirit toward learning a broadened skill set including fetching named items (keys, eyeglasses, cell phone), responding to whistled commands, and understanding a huge English vocabulary as well as American Sign Language. Fred’s fun personality and intelligence make him the perfect character to lead readers through wholesome stories about real people, places, and things while simultaneously teaching about service dog life, training, and etiquette.

Lowrider Bike Exhibit Opening


Tradition Keepers Event & Exhibit


Flea Market


Four Rivers Cultural Center

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