Community Theater

Our community theatre program is becoming quickly established. Under the direction of Ruthie Carlson, we are producing four shows per year. Most recently the community program produced Mulan, Back To The 80s and 101 Dalmatians.

Under Ruthie’s guidance, the children who participate learn so much and have a wonderful eye opening experience that gives them the opportunity to pursue a passion and exercise their God given right to express themselves.

We do this for the local children. It is an attempt to give them access to an art form that is not taught or practiced in most local area schools. And I think all of our community members would be amazed at how many local children can sing, act and dance. The local youth talent here is truly remarkable. And when these kids participate in our community theatre program, they are learning to work well with others, developing their social interaction skills, opening their eyes to new possibilities and learning self-discipline and coping skills. If ten or fifteen years from now one of these children is a famous director, actor or dancer, I think we can give Ruthie credit for putting them on their path.

The Ontario 8C school district has been very supportive of this program. It delights us to no end that they are excited about this program. At the Mulan day time free school performances, we had 1,200 kids come to see the play. All of the elementary and middle school principals really appreciated being able to expose their children to this. It was a great day for us here at Four Rivers Cultural Center.

We are indebted to Ruthie Carlson. She is remarkably talented and gifted at this kind of work. She is attentive and instructive to the kids, has the patience of an Angel and is so motivated and enthusiastic to do this for our kids/students.

So if you have children or no children please ask them to join us. We will not stop until every interested child is participating. And to all the parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles and next door neighbors who have helped kids join this program, we are eternally grateful. You are doing something wonderful for these young people.