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Andrea Bonadiman Art Exhibit

Exhibit Opening for Andrea Bonadiman Friday, April 28 at 6:00 PM

Introducing local Artist Andrea Bonadiman.  Her works will be on display in the Harano Gallery at Four Rivers Cultural Center from April 28 – May 28.  The exhibit is FREE and her work is extraordinary.  The exhibit will open from 6:00 – 7:30 on Friday, April 28.

“To create art is to make a vision a reality. To materialize what dreams are made of, I create art for the enjoyment of wonder. I love recreating a piece of nature that has lost a life; revitalizing it into something quite mystic. There is a wonderful retribution watching a blank canvas morph into a piece of art.” –Andrea Bonadiman

Andrea’s art features various mediums, from traditional styles to very unique. Specializing in: bone art, using skulls, jawbones, and scapula from various wildlife, applying acrylics, carving, and pyrography. Furthermore, working with large canvas pieces, skateboard decks, and saw blades. Themes and subjects include Northwest Coastal Native inspirations, flora and fauna, culturally inspired patterns and more. She is always experimenting with new techniques in order to keep her style evolving along with her pieces. Taking advantage of any art classes while growing up and briefly attending art classes in college, Andrea’s main educational focus was in Natural Resources and Wildlife Biology. A love for the natural world has now been combined within her artistic style. Taking the experience of her time spent in the field volunteering with Idaho Fish and Game, she applies this involvement to her variety of mediums. Originally from Ontario, Oregon, Andrea also lived in the Bitterroot Valley of Western Montana. During this time she had the opportunity to work with wolf-hybrids, fish the Bitterroot River, and observe wildlife on a daily basis; therefore, gathering a plethora of inspiration. Each day was an artist’s dream, whether it was walking in the river while trout swam between her feet, feeding bighorn sheep vegetables from the garden, observing the osprey, and of course listening to the howls of the neighboring wolves. All these elements greatly influence the artistic expression of Andrea’s unique style.

Four Rivers Cultural Center

Four Rivers Cultural Center