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Our membership program is one of our most valuable tools, allowing us to support our cultural efforts, as well as connecting us with our community. Our membership program is growing, and our members continue to receive top notch benefits.

Standard benefits (for all grades) include:

  • 10% discount at our Gift Shop
  • 10% discount when you rent a room for an event
  • 10% individual discount on admission to FRCC sponsored events
  • Unlimited free admission to our museum
  • Quarterly FRCC Museum Newsletter, delivered to your door

Student Membership

Our student membership covers one student, providing standard benefits. Student ID must be provided. Student members receive one personalized identification card.

Individual Membership

Our individual membership covers one individual, providing standard benefits. Individual members receive one personalized identification card.

Family Membership

The family membership option covers you, your spouse, and any children under 18 in your household – each of them are provided with a personalized identification card. Standard benefits are provided to each card carrying member.


The contributor membership is especially suited for organizations, friends, and families who wish to give their support to the Cultural Center. Personalized identification cards and benefits are provided for up to three members of your organization. In addition to the standard benefits, contributor members will also receive a certificate of their partnership along with five one-time use guest passes to our museum.

Corporate Membership

The highest grade available, corporate members are highly valued. Corporate members receive standard benefits. Up to five members of your organization, family, or other group are covered under this plan – personalized identification cards are provided to each of them. Five one-time use guest passes and partnership certificate are still provided.

In addition to the standard sponsorship levels…

We also offer full fledged sponsorships. These sponsorships cost $500 and are associated with an event here at Four Rivers Cultural Center. Benefits include everything listed above with the added benefit of your business being branded and associated to an FRCC event. To learn more, please call 541-889-8191.

How To Become a Member

  • You can pick up an application here at Four Rivers Cultural Center, payment methods include cash, check, and visa. We are not able to accept online payments.
  • Download your membership application.
  • Please mail completed applications to:
    Four Rivers Cultural Center
    676 SW 5th Avenue
    Ontario, OR 97914
Four Rivers Cultural Center

Four Rivers Cultural Center