Employment Opportunities at Four Rivers Cultural Center & Museum

Posted 06/01/2020

Program & Outreach Coordinator

The Program & Outreach Coordinator will work closely with and report to the Marketing &  Development Director. ​This position is responsible for creating and delivering high quality  events and classes for adults, teens, children, and families. This includes all aspects of  events including generating ideas, booking presenters, and evaluating classes and  events. ​The Coordinator will assist throughout the office when necessary.  He or she will  perform administrative duties related to programming and outreach.​This position has  responsibility for developing and implementing outreach efforts including museum traffic.

Program Outreach Coordinator Job Description (Click to Download)


Who We Are

Four Rivers Cultural Center is a 501(c)3 nonprofit located in the Western Treasure Valley, Ontario Oregon.  We are an 85,000 sq foot facility that is home to a performing arts theater, museum, Japanese garden, rotating art gallery and conference and rental facility.  Our mission and belief are that every individual should have access to the transforming power of culture, because of that belief, we provide them at the lowest cost or free.  Bringing people to learn from one another and challenge the idea that our differences separate us. We do this through four tenets of our programming; Inspire, Preserve, Serve and Inform.

INSPIRE: Through an ethnically diverse presentation of arts, inspire & involve our community in transcending formed opinions, finding hope and meaning, and experiencing rich cultural expression.

PRESERVE: Hold and tell the stories of the heritage(s) that shaped and are shaping our region and nation.  Events will invite community members to participate in authentic stories of heritage & history and celebrate the important contributions each group has made.

SERVE: To intentionally use our space, skills, programming, and relationships to tackle inequities in our community.  Creating growth, education and empowerment for all people.  Seeking collaboration for the highest good of who we serve.

INFORM: To provide free quality educational opportunities to the community and schools, filling the gap in special learning experiences in art, history, and diversity.  Present a wide array of forums and information creating connections with and for our community so they can engage in new viewpoints.