Folklore Fridays: Cinder Juan

No matter your age, no matter your culture there’s something for you in the power of a story. Here at the Four Rivers Cultural Center we want to unite and transform our community by connecting you to the power of story and culture, it’s why we’re bringing folktales to life this summer with Folklore Fridays. 

Beginning in June, on the 4th Friday of every month, we will be connecting you to the folklore of your roots and more! 

Folklore Fridays will dive into the rich cultural heritages of the Four Rivers region by exploring folktales, myths and legends through creative retelling, theatrical performances, and arts and crafts designed to bring the imagination to life! Together families will have the opportunity to become a part of their favorite fables,  all while experiencing the power of story. So tune in! 

What You Need to Know: 

  • Our goal is to bring your imagination to life so come prepared to get crafty! We will be engaging with the stories through unique and fun hands-on activities.   
  • We ask that you remember that these stories are retellings of famous legends, myths, and fairytales that have been passed down from generation to generation and while we will do our best to keep them family friendly there may be more adult themes in each tale as folklore is meant to teach.

July: Cinder Juan 

  • Synopsis: You’ve probably heard about Cinderella, but have you ever been introduced to Cinder Juan? In this traditional Mexican tale we meet Juan, who like Cinderella, deals with evil siblings, greed, jealousy and even generosity. In this folk legend we’ll be exploring familial relationships and what it means to be kind. 
  • Best for Ages: All ages  

Activity: Sometimes, how we tell stories is just as important as the stories we tell. In many countries Shadow Puppets are a popular way to share folklore. This month families will have the opportunity to create their own shadow puppets. Whether you have stage experience or not we encourage you to join us as we bring stories to life with paper, glue and a little grit!