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Now- June 1


Here at the Four Rivers Cultural Center we believe that art is too important not to share, and it’s why we’re bringing back Art for All. Last April we asked everyone to share with us the art they made with the extra time in the day the new pandemic had suddenly given them. This year we want to offer the same opportunity but with a slight twist.

What’s the twist, you ask?

We want you to tell a story with your art. We know that the past year has been a strange one and the pandemic changed a lot, including how we interact with the world.

Share with us how your perspective has shifted in the past year, tell a story through your art–in the way you think best. Have you carved out more space for your hobbies because Covid-19 suddenly gave you more time? Have you become a hoarder of fashionable masks that match your outfits every day of the week? Whatever your story, we want to know! We believe art is a starting point that helps us tell our stories, to ourselves and to each other, and if there is one thing we rally behind– It’s the power of story. So let us share yours!

We want you to create the way you know how. Whether it’s embroidery, Paper Mache, oil paintings, charcoal, a short story or a poem, just create! After all, writing is an art form too. Then, share your amazing work with us, and in return, we will feature your masterpiece on our Facebook page. As an added bonus your name will be entered to win a $50 gift card to a local business, because they too, need some love.

We’ll draw the names for 10 winners. Deadline to submit artwork is June 1st.

This is an all ages, all types of art submission.

What do we mean by Artwork?

All. Of. It. Just to get you started here’s a list:

Artistic Writing: Poetry, short story, decorative handwriting/handwritten lettering, etc.
Visual Art: Painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, photography, video, filmmaking, crafts, graphic design, fashion design, jewelry, interior design, etc.
Performing Arts: Skits, comedy, acting, singing, dancing, magic show, music whatever makes you happy!

What You Need to Know:

Upload your artwork (send us a photo, video, PDF, or link)
Please do your best to send a high quality image or video
The deadline for submissions is June 1st, winners will be announced the following day on June 2.
Make sure your work is original, if applicable.
1 submission per person
Family-friendly creations please
Your artwork is going to amaze someone, it will make them smile, it will remind them that someone else has gone through the same experiences, make them laugh, or even inspire them! If you’re looking for a sign whether or not you should do this? This is your sign!

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Art For All 2021

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