Wood Lathe Creations

Gallery Opening

December 13

Artist David Boespflug uses a wood lathe to create wooden vessels and as an outlet for creativity. Wood is an interesting media, it has beauty by itself, it can have interesting grain and color and finding the right shape to enhance or showcase that grain or color can be the main emphasis. Wood turning becomes an endless process of finding new materials and shaped to put together. wood turning used the natural qualities of the wood and combine those with interesting shapes. Furthermore when other materials other than wood are incorporated into the turning some great results can be produced.David finds one of the most rewarding parts of working on the lathe is discovering the mechanics of what is necessary to create each piece. Some pieces the character of the wood alone must be preserve, others the shape of the vessel becomes important and others a multitude of different colors and wood grain patterns glued together create the desired effect. Sometimes each layer of a piece requires its own process to manufacture before it can be incorporated into the final project. David is an accomplished woodworker and multimedia artist. He has done a number of showings and has won several awards for his artworks.