Kids in the Garden


Led by FRCC’s very own Hikaru Mizu Japanese garden curator, Mike Miller, is a garden day for kids. Exploring the art form of Japanese gardening, kids will get to build mini sand and stone gardens during this free June 20th event. While this is an all-ages activity, this craft session is best suited for children 5 and older. Registered children will meet inside the Hikaru Mizu Japanese garden at 10:30 a.m. This is a class for a max of 20 children.


Students will transform a small tray into a traditional Japanese garden with sand, stones, small tiles, cardboard, glue and other building materials for creating tiny azumayas.


What’s an Azumaya?

An Azumaya is a sheltered area that provides a covered resting area and a view that looks down towards the the garden. Pictured is the Hikaru Mizu azumaya.