Japan Nite Obon Festival

72nd Annual Japan Nite Obon Festival

by Idaho-Oregon Buddhist Temple

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Dinner is served from 5:00 PM with take outs available.
Bento boxes (consisting of mafa chicken, teriyaki chicken, rice balls, inari sushi, egg rolls, and cucumber salad), shishkabobs, tempura box, udon, and ala carte items and more.
5:30 PM “History of the home altar”
6:00 PM “Home altar ritual”
6:00 PM Taiko,
6:30 PM Aikido,
7:00PM Kimono demonstration
7:30 PM the folk dancing starts. Everyone is encouraged to join in.
Cash prizes drawn at the end of the Obon Odori.
Along with all the festivals of Obon, the public could come in early to see the Hikaru Mizu Japanese Garden, and the museum, FREE of charge and browse in the gift shop. They will be able to do everything in a climate controlled environment.
This traditional religious holiday and folk festival combines Buddhist beliefs and and Japanese culture in a memorial celebration. It is a time when everyone is happy and dancing with joy showing their appreciation for all the good things in life we have as a result of the loved ones who have passed away. Obon is a “FESTIVAL OF JOY”.
For additional information call 541-889-8691 and ask for Mary Ann or Mike.