Ask an Expert: Rocks, Minerals and Fossils


Check out this multi-day panel of geological exploration. Learn the details about your personal rock collection, how to identify rocks, geological mapping 101,  and more. Attend one or all of these classes!

August 12th:  “Ask an expert: Rocks, Minerals, and Fossils”    – with Sammy Castonguay,

11 AM

“For this four-hour panel, geologist and Friend of the Owyhee Sammy Castonguay will be available to help you identify and learn about your personal rocks, minerals, and/or fossils! In just a few minutes, he can give a general ID to most samples, teach you how to identify others yourself, and give you a likely geologic history of your rock. All samples welcome, but please limit to three unless there is idle time. It certainly helps to know where you found it!”


August 13th: Owyhee Rocks general geology classes with Sammy Castonguay”, and Earth Science Educator with Friends of the Owyhee

8-10 AM • 10 AM – Noon • 2-4 PM | Get registered! 

MAX attendees: 30

In these 2-hour block free classes, seasoned college educator and Friend of the Owyhee, Sammy Castonguay (M.Sc. Geological Science) will give an instructional presentation and Q/A on these topics:

1) 8-10 am: Origin of rocks and general identification;  What are rocks made of? How does magma form? What information is in the sand? How can I tell one rock from another?

2) 10- noon: Geologic Mapping 101; In the Hikaro Mizo Japanese garden, identify features and create a geologic map. Geologic maps are the base to understanding Earths materials and resources.

3) 2 – 4 pm: “Geology of the Owyhee Volcanic region; The Owyhee Canyonlands of Southeastern Oregon is a showcase of violent volcanism that has occurred in Earths past. Join us for this presentation on the unique geologic history of our loved Owyhee revealing explosive volcanism, earthquake driven faults, and carving rivers. Get ready for a volcanic discussion that will blow your mind!”


August 14th: Owyhee Canyonlands: Recreational Geology and Community Empowerment” –Sammy Castonguay, Friends of the Owyhee

6:00- 7:30 PM

“Senator Wyden, the Owyhee Basin Stewardship Coalition, and conservation groups are again discussing the future of land management of the Owyhee. But what are the Owyhee? Wherever that conversation goes, Friends of the Owyhee promotes recreational activities and visiting the beautiful Owyhee. This presentation will focus on the unique geologic history of the Owyhee’s, through a recreation lens. Call it rock hounding, adventure lithoscrying, or recreational geology, the Owyhee offers a great diversity!”