The Little Mermaid

July 16
3:00 PM & 5:30 PM
Tickets Price TBA


The Four Rivers Cultural Center is pleased to announce it’s annual summer theatre camp production of  The Little Mermaid!

Every purchase supports continued Children’s Theatre Programming.

Deep in the salty waters of the Sassafras Sea, there lived a Little Mermaid. Her name was Celia. She lived for music. In fact, it was said that she had the loveliest scales in all of the Deep. Celia and her three sisters were allowed one visit to the World Above, each on their sixteenth birthday, to learn the secrets of life on dry land. Their discoveries included ferocious dragons, advancing armies and, of course, a handsome and resourceful Prince Charming. In a new version of the age-old tale, lots of music, plot surprises and humor await the audience.