Tradition Keepers Film Series

Here at the Four Rivers Cultural Center, we believe that when we honor our traditions we create a more vibrant community, and that’s why we are happy to announce that Tradition Keepers Folklife Festival will be returning this year! August 16th through September 24th, we will be hosting a 6-week virtual celebration. 

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evening we will be exploring the unique arts and culture of the Four Rivers Region, by sharing the songs, dances, stories, food–and more–of our diverse community. Be sure to tune in!

The Tradition Keepers Folklife Festival celebrates the incredible range of traditional arts and culture living right here in the Four Rivers area. Examples include: Cowboy poetry, silversmithing, rawhide braiding, Paiute basketry and cradleboard making, Paiute pow wow dancing, Japanese taiko drumming, traditional Japanese mochi making, and so much more! 

This virtual festival will allow you and your family to learn about, and experience the inspiring skills of our talented community members, and all from the comfort of your own home!  

What You Need to Know: 

  • This is a virtual event, visit the Four Rivers Cultural Center’s Facebook Events Page or our Website to check out the amazing videos we will be posting each week! 
  • Videos will be uploaded every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at noon, but don’t worry! You can access them at any point during the 6-week program. 

Week August 16

Oregon’s Moving Borders
Legends of the Northern Pauite
Wilson Wewa, Tribal Elder
Oregon’s Moving Borders
Oinkari Basque Dancers
Alex Wray & Jaclyn Lasuen
Oregon’s Moving Borders
Folklorico Mexico
Monique Duarte

Week August 23

Oregon’s Moving Borders
Corona Making & Curendera
Eva Castellanoz
Immigrant Traditions
Sudanese Henna
Majda Osman & Ekram Admed
Immigrant Traditions
Taiko Drumming
Janet Komoto

Week August 30

Immigrant Traditions
Life as Shinto Priests
Ann Spencer & Kathy Chatterton
Immigrant Traditions
Nihon Traditions & Buddhist Temple
Akiko Rucker
Immigrant Traditions
Basque Music & Dancing
Dan Ansotegui

Week September 6

Storytellers of the West
Cowboy Art & Poetry
Kathy Moss
Storytellers of the West
Cowboy Poet
Randi Johnson
Storytellers of the West
Folkloric Music
Joe Seamons & Tina Dietz

Week September 13

Storytellers of the West
Folk Music
Gary Eller
Storytellers of the West
Cowboy Filmmaking
Clare McKay
Women Working w/their Hands
Western Hat Making
Lisa Robinson

Week September 20

Women Working w/their Hands
Saddle Making, Leather Crafting
Clair Kehrberg
Women Working w/their Hands
Mecate Artisanry
Helen Dougal
Women Working w/their Hands
Cowboy Boot Making
Morgan Buckert