Redemption Art Show Opening

Redemption- SRCI Prisoner Art Show Opening

October 25th-

6:00- 8:00 PM

What is redemption? And, how do you find it when you feel you have lost your way?

In the last few months, men serving sentences at Snake River Correctional Institution have been searching inwards all while painting and drawing outwards for that answer.

Learn about their journey and how these mens’ visual artworks are helping to pave the path to redemption as they work together to save orphans 9,000 miles away. Through this giving, many of these men are finding healing, and for the first time, are finding the spirit of redemption.

Visions of Hope is the organization that connects inmates with the opportunity to sponsor children of Otino Waa Children’s Village. These orphan children have seen the brutality of a rebel force destroy their families.

With the sponsorships of inmates, children are given the opportunity for a new family, healthcare, education and very personal hope for the future.

For inmates, the creation of art becomes a healing process, which then becomes an important element of hope in the life of a child in Uganda.

Every artwork that is purchased, generates funds to sponsor the children.